Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Sullivan's Choice

Greetings everyone! I am glad to be back and posting on the blog after many busy months of well, life. I hope everyone has been as captivated as ever with all the newest releases our great authors have been putting forth for your enjoyment, and all the other great news and events in the world of Between Your Sheets!

This week is not only great and festive because Mardi Gras is upon us, but one of our fabulous authors, C.H. Admirand , is releasing her newest book, Sullivan’s Choice, on Thursday, February 26th! In this story, a 30-year-old woman named Candace Sullivan needs to make a decision that will change her love-life, adding excitement, comfort, and intrigue. She is uncertain of which to choose of two very different men: the beef-cake or the debonair genteel. Her decision truly becomes difficult when it becomes known that someone is out to take her life, and she must then choose the most noble? Or the most caring? Or both?? You can check out more about this book at the BYS site here. Or check out this amazing book trailer:

Coffee Time Romance gave it 4 Coffee Cups! Here's the link to the review: http://www.coffeeti meromance. com/BookReviews/ Sullivanschoice. html

Readers can purchase a copy at,, or

Southern born…Northern bred

I was born in Aiken, South Carolina, but alas, my parents moved back to northern New Jersey where I grew up, which if you’ve met me would explain a lot. I’ve always had my nose in a book, have traveled the world over, and even tested the time-space continuum, thanks to the awesome power of the written word. My love for the written word is a gift from my parents, but the need to write was instilled by my 7th Grade English teacher. One of my writing quirks is that I love to include bits and pieces of my ancestors and ancestry in all of my books.

Fate, destiny and love at first sight will always play a large part in my stories because they played a major role in my life. When I saw my husband for the first time, I knew he was the man I was going to spend the rest of my life with. I’ve loved him forever…well…more than half my life. Each and every hero I write about has a few of Dave’s best qualities, his honesty, his integrity, his compassion for those in need and his killer broad shoulders. I’m such a sucker for a man with broad shoulders.

C.H. Admirand has been writing and receiving rejections for over a decade. However, her perseverance has proved that she is an amazing writer, as she published her first book, The Marshal’s Destiny, in 2001, and has published many since then. She received the Lories 2002 Award for Best New Author Historical, and continues to write stories that include historical background from her Irish heritage.

Here is more, from C.H. herself, about what is going on in her life, at the BYS site.

March Release:
OPERATION: L.O.V.E., A SPECIAL OPS ROMANCE ANTHOLOGY will be released in date TBA from Highland Press in Trade Paperback. The collection has five sweet romances featuring the Navy, Coast Guard, Air Force, Army and Marines.

All of the authors have agreed to donate a portion of the proceeds to the USO.

I was delighted when Anne Elizabeth asked me to submit a story for the collection. I chose the USCG and had the great fortune to do a telephone interview with a USCG Rescue Swimmer who then invited me to tour the Atlantic City Air Station. I had two hours to ask whatever question I could think of, while seeing first hand the preparation that goes into being ready for anything...Semper Paratus...Always Ready...the USCG's watchphrase. Readers can visit our website or to find out more about the collection.

What I'm working on right now:
I have four short stories due in the next few months, all for upcoming collections. I'm delighted to be currently researching the NCS - National Clandestine Service (a part of the CIA), USCG Flight MECH, the INR (Dept. of State's Bureau of Intelligence and Research) and a Pyromaniac/Arsonist for a short story about a Fire Fighter.

Other wips:
A GIFT FROM HOME, Book 4 in my Irish Western Series
CHARITY, Book 2 in my Regency-Era Historical Trilogy
PRUDENCE, Book 3 in my Regency-Era Historical Trilogy
USCG Trilogy

Projects submitted...keep your fingers crossed:

A hot contemporary western ~ working title: THE CIRCLE G RANCH: TYLER

Other News:
I was Renee Bernard's first guest for 2009 on her blogtalk radio show: Canned Coffee &'s the link:

Remember, just by merely posting on comment, you could be the lucky recipient of a book from C.H. Admirand! She is willing to give away one of these e-books:

Medieval Trilogy: The Lord of Merewood Keep, Bk 1/The Saxon Bride, Bk 2/A Scot's Honor, Bk 3. Regency-era Historical: Patience. Contemporary Paranormal (novella): Bridget's Rainbow

Thanks for joining me again to celebrate the successes and adventures of a great writer! Be sure to ask questions and post comments, as our author would love to drop in and share her knowledge with us! Until next time...have fun, Between Your Sheets!

Friday, October 31, 2008

The Sheriff's Amnesiac Bride

Happy Halloween everyone! I'm hoping your day is filled with ghoulish treats and fantastic costumes. Or whatever it is that you find yourself indulging in on this day of wicked fun. :)

This week's featured author I am glad to welcome back to the blog. Linda Conrad has currently released The Sheriff's Amnesiac Bride. This novel involves an engaged sheriff who is about to tie the knot, but backs down when discovering the dangerous beauty, Rosie. However, Rosie has no clue of her identity, as amnesia has taken over her mind making her clueless as to how she is even pregnant! Will Sheriff Jericho Yates yield to the forgetful beauty, or continue decide to stop letting himself fall for her and marry his intended partner?

Linda Conrad writes for Harlequin-Silhouette books. She writes short contemporary romance and has won extensive awards including the 2008 Write Touch Readers Award and the 2008 Holt Medallion Award of Merit. Linda's sensual characters and passionate stories continue to grasp readers and keep everyone intrigued by her. If you would like to read more about Linda's bio go to the BYS site here
or check out her personal website

As you know, comment and ask questions and not only will Linda be happy to reply, but not only one but TWO of you can win a signed copy of The Sheriff's Amnesiac Bride! Exciting, eh?

Well, I'll let everyone get to their Halloween festivities...or whatever it is you are doing. Remember to keep it warm as the late autumn air cools us down, Between Your Sheets!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Insatiable Desire

Happy September everyone! I hope you are all in the mood for something a little more dark and twisted, as this week's featured author, Rita Herron, brings us a new release dealing with psychics, serial killers, and dark desires. Clarissa King is a psychic who is terrified of all the bad that can happen to her hometown as images of murder appear to her while she works alongside a sexy FBI agent trying to track down a serial killer. A dangerous attraction is spawned between the two, and they both must try to control their overwhelming desire as Vincent Valtrez, the FBI agent, has a deep secret he must keep, and the two learn of the murderer being demonic and otherworldly. Will Vincent’s deep secret reveal a dark side in him that could cause harm and possibly death to the sexy Clarissa, whom he strongly desires? Check out more about this book here at the BYS website.

And , of course, a fantastic book trailer:

Rita Herron is an award-winning author who has sold over 45 books to date. Rita writes for a living, as she used to be a kindergarten teacher, but now follows her true passion for writing spine-tingling romantic suspense. She writes for Harlequin Intrigue and HQN and has sold a paranormal romantic suspense trilogy to Grand Central Publishing. Impressive! To read more about Rita, check out her BYS bio. Or go to her personal website here!

Rita also included some interesting tidbits just for you guys! Enjoy!

* I often get asked where I got my ideas. Well, the first line of my first chapter in Insatiable Desire, the hero thinks that the first time he beds a woman is the best. That's because he never takes a woman to bed twice.

How did I come up with that line? When my husband and I go to the beach, we're always tired and hot when we arrive and unload. Then we pop open that first beer and go down to look at the ocean. The last trip, that beer tasted so good and cold and I said, "Why is it that the first beer is always the best?"
Then I knew I had my first line -- not about beer but about sex. It totally fit my character, too.
Of course I shared that line with several writers to get their reaction. And it sparked a lot of discussion. Is the first time really the best? Maybe, because you're so excited and dying to be together. Or maybe it's too rushed and the next time is better because it's slow and tender. Or maybe it's better when he learns those g-spots so he pleases you more!

* I have an identical twin sister. People always ask which one of us was the good twin, which was the evil one?
I think we all have good and evil in us, which is part of the theme of The Demonborn. But being good is boring in a book - being evil is fun! So when I write dark, gritty romantic stories I get to be both good and bad! Now, that's fun.

So, keep the comments and any questions for Rita coming, because you could just be lucky enough to have your own signed copy of Insatiable Desire! Enjoy the suspense and intrigue, as you find your time to yourself, Between Your Sheets!

Marla’s Question of the Blog!

What would you do if the man you loved/desired was under control by some demonic being?

Friday, August 22, 2008

Sexual Deceptions

Hey everyone! I am back for a quick moment from my busy life to bring you guys another entry. This one is pretty cool because it is featuring not one..but two authors! Yep. Rayne Forrests and Brenda Williamson have collaborated to form an anthology titled Sexual Deceptions. This anthology involves two stories dealing with passion, demise, and lustiness. Drones, slaves.. Ownership of someone’s heart and..body? Of course you want to check out these stories! Go here to read the full BYS desciptions of Mischief at Midnight and Slave of Saharic.

And now for a little bit about the authors:

Rayne Forrest had her first #1 best seller in February of 2005, her novella Right From the Start, along with many other wondrous achievements. Along with being a member of The Romance Writers of America (PAN) Rayne enjoys working in her garden, crafting, bowling, and reading romance and science fiction. To read more about her and find out about her feature The Tea Room, go here to check out her website.

Brenda Williamson, also a member of the Romance Writers of America, enjoys writing all genres of romance. Born on Halloween, and with a house full of cats, Brenda is a full time writer and has a pets gallery on her page, so go here to check it out and read more about the life of this author.

What a greatness it is when two talented writers can come together to bring you something like Sexual Deceptions and the next to come Sexual Obsessions. And of course, one of you lucky readers will be randomly selected to win a copy of Sexual Deceptions signed by both authors, so be sure to keep the comments coming!

I haven’t done this in a while, so here it is. My own personal question for you guys to have fun with! If you could have any person as your own slave, who would it be? Could be a celebrity, a model, a political figure, etc. This could be fun. :)

Until next time, have sweet dreams, Between Your Sheets!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Her One Desire

Greetings my beloved blog readers!

This week we have an exciting blog...because this is a debut for author Kimberly Killion! Her release, Her One Desire, deals with dark and sinister circumstances that lie ahead for a Scottish spy escaping certain death in the Tower of London, and the daughter of a cruel man who is then bound to the handsone spy with passion and hopes to reach Scotland, so the two can be together..forever.

Some quotes and reviews here will tell you just why you should check this one out! :

“A sensual and spirited romance by a masterful new writer."—Patricia Rice, New York Times Bestselling Author

“Intense and beautiful."—Shannon McKenna

“This debut novel totally rocked!”—Publisher’s Weekly

Awarded Castle Keeper at The Mystic Castle

5/5 STARS from

5/5 STARS from Beverly Romance Reviews

5/5 STARS from Affaire de Coeur

5/5 STARS from

4.5/5 STARS from Romance Junkies

4/5 stars—RT book reviews

To read more reviews go here.

And, here is the awesome book trailer! :

Of course you all know that you can read all about Kimberly on the BYS website. Here is her bio. And, check out her personal website here!

And..remember to keep reading and posting on the blog, so you can win your own signed copy of Her One Desire!

Keep reading and finding your favorite characters from your favorite authors, here at Between Your Sheets!

Monday, July 7, 2008

The Desert Prince's Proposal

Hey everyone! Thanks for being so patient. You know how lazy a Florida summer can make you? Haha..well, I only wish I had time to just go to the beach and relax...::sigh::

Anyways, on to the exciting news! Our featured author is the lovely and talented Nicola Marsh. Her current release The Desert Prince's Proposal involves a prince named Prince Samman al Wali who is faced with the decision to choose a bride so he can be crowned king. When he decides to go for the highly modern, independent Bria Green, rejection was not a thought in his mind until she knew she wanted the powerful prince to not get all that he wants. But, could he tame her and make her his own? Be sure to catch this read and find out!

Nicola grew up aspiring to travel the world and become a journalist,and instead took a job in the health industry, but dealt with her desires to write by keeping a daily journal (side note: which, by the ways is AWESOME and something I've always done. So maybe I'll make it as a writer one day! :) Having decided to write her first book in 2001, Nicola has now published over 17 and sold over a million copies worldwide. Impressive! To check out more about her bio on BYS, just hop over here.

Now, I am sure most of you guys know the drill, but for anyone new, here is the fun part about the blog! Posting a comment will make you eligible to win a signed copy of one of Nicola's books! So ask her any questions, make any comments, or just drop in to say hi, and you just could be the winner! Also, Nicola has a contest of her own going on, and I'm sure she'll be glad to let everyone know the details. Here is the link to the contest You can also check out her personal website here.

Thanks to Nicola and everyone for being involved! Keep enjoying life, writing, reading, and staying cozy, Between Your Sheets! :)

Monday, June 23, 2008

little summer hiatus...

Hey everyone! Just wanted to send my warmest greetings and thank you for being patient. We all seem to have a lot going on, but the next featured author's blog will be up soon!

I hope summer is treating everyone well!

Peace and Light,